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Your hand on my cheek

January 25, 2006 Dear Maya, So much is going on in your sweet little life.  I think you’re experiencing a bit of stress these days.  Just as I was putting you to bed, you talked of things at school that have been difficult.  You were going to play a new math game with S.  You…

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Happy birthday, Jonah!

November 27, 2016 Dear Jonah, The day you were born, was certainly one of Maya’s favorite days! What a precious younger brother you have been to her. Maya was blessed to have you in her life! Sending you much love on your birthday from all of us!   Maya, Jonah and Talia through the years….

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I’m only six, you know

September 29, 2006 Maya: Mommy, Adin just kicked me in the stomach. Adin: Yes, but she just hit me in the buttocks. Maya: Adin, your butt does not talk! October 24, 2006 Jo told me about this.  She came by yesterday afternoon to remove a tic since Bridget, our babysitter was here.  During that time,…

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Officially hers

December 2006 Dear Maya, Your life significantly changed a week ago yesterday.  I heard a meowing sound outside the kitchen as I was doing the dishes.  I called daddy to check on Merlin, as he usually doesn’t cry outside.  It wasn’t Merlin at all.  It was a skinny little kitten with matted fur, meowing its…

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Cultural equity for all

Last night I had a dream about the need to count buttons of three different colors that were sewn on a multi-colored shirt. In the dream, I had a hard time spotting some of the buttons. I have no idea of the significance of this dream, but when I awoke, I thought of this story…

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I wish I was the one

January 1, 2007 Happy New Year, sweet one! We’re back from Quebec. You and Macabee are inseparable!  Yesterday, the only time you were without him was when I told you that he could not come up to the attic with us, as he might get fiberglass on him.  You and I were doing some sorting…

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The guy

February 28, 2014. Dear Maya, On about February 13, you asked me, “what if a boy asked me out?” You were wondering about whether or not you’d have my permission to go out.  I of course said, “Yes.”  You thought that you’d be asked out for Valentine’s Day.  As it turns out, Valentine’s Day was…

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Pushing the smile button

July 2001 Dear Maya, What a wondrous time in your life. You are non-stop moving, exploring, always on the go.  You rarely will allow yourself to relax completely.  Precious are the few moments that you’ll rest your head on my shoulder while being held. Maya, you and I have been to Colorado and back. You…

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Maya’s younger sister, Talia

This entry is about the “seeds” of a very, very special relationship. Maya (and in turn, our entire family), has been most blessed that Maya had another family.  This journal entry is in honor of Maya’s special little sister, Talia.  Talia, you’ve been the world to Maya!  Happy belated birthday.  We love you. August 2006 Dear…

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