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I’m definitely going!

Maya was truly blessed to have several families.  Aside from our family, she had strong connections in different circles.  One of the most impressive and supportive ones was that of the Rowe Camp.  At this moment, many of Maya’s peers are at camp, at “Senior High Camp,” for three weeks.  Yes, even though they are…

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Everything fully

September 2, 2011 My dear one, I must share with you a few notes from our amazing journey to Europe: The time zone transition was extremely challenging for you.  You actually never fully got into the rhythm of the Europe zone…and were always tired.  On top of that, I pushed you and the entire family…

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September 27, 2012 Dear Maya, It is likely fitting for me to start this journal with you as you just started your twelfth year.  Actually, it started a few years back when you asked me for a surprise party.  I mentioned then, that it is something one cannot necessarily request, as the party would no…

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Love! and Five!

In honor of Maya’s birthday, I’m posting two journal entries and extra photos from September 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2007.  Happy Birthday, Maya! October 8, 2002 Maya, I am struck by the love I have for you.  It is unbelievable.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to feel love in this way! September 2005 Maya…

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“Nice going…”

February 22, 2008 Last time our family went to Ithaca, we all had a very good laugh.  We arrived at the hotel.  We checked in at the registration.  Adin decided not to get in the car as we pulled up to the parking spot closer to our room. He ran pretty fast alongside and ahead…

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A handful?

  July 21, 2003 (Aunt Steffie’s birthday) Dear Maya, It’s been a month full of laughs.  We went camping on Cape Cod.  So many new concepts for you to assimilate in this developmental stage.  Before, we had planned on “the trip” and “the vacation,” words that you didn’t fully comprehend.  And then there was “camping”…

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Hitch hiking, kirtan and skunks, oh my!

May 25, 2015 Dear Maya, We recently participated in the Mothering Daughtering workshops twice this month; once as assistants for the preteens and once as guest participants for the teens.  On the weekend that we were guests, we decided to branch out a little bit.  We did for ourselves some non-workshop related things during the…

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Open the window

February 24, 2011 Dear Maya, Dad is in Florida.  He often takes a sunny break in the winter during the February break.  I spoke with him when he landed.  He was cracking up when he told me that we have a little Elise on our hands.  He shared with me the safety tips you told…

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Bunnies and caterpillars

June 2003 Dear Maya, It’s been a couple of weeks of serious potty training. You’ve only been wearing diapers at night and during the rest time at Lynnie’s.  As soon as you feel a pee or poop coming, we drop everything and make a mad dash for the nearest bowl.  You’ve been doing GREAT!  Some…

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Lavender oil and more

July 2009 Dear Maya, On our way taking you to Rowe, we passed a motel that we pointed out to you. Daddy and I would be staying there for a night or so while you were at camp.  You offered each of us a few pointers…each in secret. You told dad: make sure you get…

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