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Maya’s D’Var or Words

Each week, a different passage of the Torah is chanted.  At age 14, when Maya became a Bat Mitzvah on November 10, 2014, her passage (parsha) was Toldot.  As part of the ceremony, one becoming a b’nai mitvah is to share their reflections.  It is called the “D’Var Torah”, or “Words from the Torah”.  This…

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Observation and glitter

October 6, 2005 Maya, Driving you home from school last week, we were talking about your friends.  I moved the conversation to me, and here is how it went: E: Do you know that I have friends too? M: Yes. E: Can you tell me who my friends are? M: Cindy. E: Yes!  She is…

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Always means always

Late May 2004 After watching our wedding video on the night of our anniversary, you REALLY wanted to know where you were.  You saw everyone there that you know, but no Maya. Maya: Where was I? Me: You weren’t born yet. Maya: Was I dead? Me: No, you didn’t come out of me yet.  We…

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Puzzle girl

January 1, 2005 Puzzle girl, You have always enjoyed puzzles.  A month or so ago, I went to Nora and Lowell’s house.  They were giving away lots of Lowell’s old toys.  Daddy warned me not to get anything as “we have enough junk in the house.”  Against his advice, I went and tried to be…

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February 2006 Dear Maya, It’s times like now that I just want to stop the clock and be in this moment with you for a while.  How precious time is.  How precious life is. You recently (two weekends ago) “broke the code.”  You are really reading now.  Word by word, you are getting it.  And…

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Being in the moment

August 31, 2011 birthday eve (post Hurricane Irene) Sweetest Maya Saying farewell to ten!  It’s been quite a year and quite a month.  Lots to report, but no time now.  Amidst a power outage, no electric, no lights, no water, no phone.  A bit challenging but all is well.  Just landed from Europe last week…

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Will they ever

March 13, 2012 Dear, dear Maya, As I write on page after page, month after month, journal after journal, I often wonder, “what will become of these pages?”  “Will they ever be read?”  “Will I give them to Maya?”, if so, “When?” Well, you have taken to reading; page after page, journal after journal.  In…

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What color is the sun?

Journal October 2007 Dear Maya, It has been a time of deep and serious questions for you. Here are a few that you MUST know the answers to: How does electricity work? How do people grow? How do plants grow? How does the seed come out of the penis? (yes…this question has been revisited) What…

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A boy or a man?

September 2004. Dinner conversation… Maya:                  When I grow up, am I going to be a boy or a man? Mommy:              No, Maya, you’ll probably be a woman. Maya:                  Pwobably? Mommy:              Yes.  You’ll grow up to be a woman.  Girls do grow up to be women.  But some people choose to change that. Dad:                    (eyes roll) Adin:                   Yeah, like those…

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