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Your hand on my cheek

January 25, 2006 Dear Maya, So much is going on in your sweet little life.  I think you’re experiencing a bit of stress these days.  Just as I was putting you to bed, you talked of things at school that have been difficult.  You were going to play a new math game with S.  You…

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Maya’s D’Var or Words

Each week, a different passage of the Torah is chanted.  At age 14, when Maya became a Bat Mitzvah on November 10, 2014, her passage (parsha) was Toldot.  As part of the ceremony, one becoming a b’nai mitvah is to share their reflections.  It is called the “D’Var Torah”, or “Words from the Torah”.  This…

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September 27, 2012 Dear Maya, It is likely fitting for me to start this journal with you as you just started your twelfth year.  Actually, it started a few years back when you asked me for a surprise party.  I mentioned then, that it is something one cannot necessarily request, as the party would no…

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August 16, 2015 Dear Maya, According to the Hebrew calendar, it is your birthday, as you were born on the first day of Elul.  You were born with a new moon, which always marks the beginning of a new month.  Elul (I am learning), is the month before the New Year.  It is a time…

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King George

July 31, 2004 Dear Maya, On the fourth of July, Adin asked Mathew about the holiday.  Mathew explained about independence.  He talked about the settlers and King George.  He read portions of the Declaration of Independence.  You were listening attentively, but I was certain that most of what Mathew shared went over your 3 ½…

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The breath of all emotions

May 6, 2012 Dear Maya, There are some days that it seems like your entire world is falling apart.  You had one of those yesterday.  Not enough sleep, woes at school, trouble with Adin, not getting your choice of haircut, being embarrassed and/or annoyed with/by me and on and on.  At these times, life is…

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A book in hand

January 17, 2002 Little Charm, You’ve been doing a fine job in getting your needs known more and more by expressing yourself verbally.  To name a few: a-ya?         other one (referring to nursing and wanting to change to the other breast) eye            eye eye ear  …

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Transformational is the word

July 2013 Good morning Maya, As I write this, you are asleep in a tent with Tuli. We’ve been here on the Cape for about a week, with another four days ahead.  We are just loving the rhythms of this vacation, as always.  And as always, things change from year to year.  This year, you…

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Where was I?

May 2004 After watching our wedding video on the night of our anniversary, you REALLY wanted to know where you were. You saw everyone else there that you knew but no Maya. Maya:   Where was I? Elise:    You weren’t born yet. Maya:   Was I dead? Elise:    No, you didn’t come out of me yet.  We…

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What color is the sun?

Journal October 2007 Dear Maya, It has been a time of deep and serious questions for you. Here are a few that you MUST know the answers to: How does electricity work? How do people grow? How do plants grow? How does the seed come out of the penis? (yes…this question has been revisited) What…

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