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Three worlds

April 13, 2013 Dear Sweet Maya, I spent part of the day with you as I drove you, Carmen and Ruby up to Hannah’s bat mitzvah.  I had a chance to see you around other peers.  All I can say is, “oy!”  It is such an awkward stage of life.  Some girls are fully developed;…

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An uncomfortable feeling

July 31, 2007 Dear Maya, As you’ve already learned from past entries (and as you probably know now, from knowing yourself) you are an extremely articulate person who is in touch with her feelings. I went to Fire Island for four days with some friends from high school.  We’ll all be turning 50 this upcoming…

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January 23, 2013 Dearest Maya, Something is shifting inside of you.  You have decided to let your hair grow out. You bought (fake) Uggs and they just didn’t work with the pants you normally wear. I offered to buy you skinny jeans and you agreed.  In fact, I bought a second pair for you and…

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I’m there!

June 17, 2009 Dear Maya, Thankfully, the antibiotics have kicked in.  It seems as if you’re over the hump and can see the light now.  But it was rough getting there!  You got worse before you got better.  Much fatigue.  One night while practicing piano, I witnessed you jump from a pain in your head. …

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Whatchya doing?

August 22, 2002 Dear Maya, Another month of rich development.  Your language reflects conceptual growth.  I’ll give you a few for instances. You look in the hamper and if there’s nothing in it (a rare moment), you’ll say, “it’s empty.” If someone is doing something unfamiliar to you you’ll say, “whatchya doing?” You also love…

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Milk, it is

February 27, 2001 Dear One, As the saying goes, “people plan, God and babies laugh”.  Around two weeks ago we (Daddy) had the idea to try to feed you.  Adin picked out a special organic sweet potato.  It was baked and mashed.  Adin fed you your first couple of bites.  You had no interest.  We…

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The breath of all emotions

May 6, 2012 Dear Maya, There are some days that it seems like your entire world is falling apart.  You had one of those yesterday.  Not enough sleep, woes at school, trouble with Adin, not getting your choice of haircut, being embarrassed and/or annoyed with/by me and on and on.  At these times, life is…

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Maya’s Declaration, a story from Jo Salas

From the time she was a toddler Maya was a regular and enthusiastic audience member at our Hudson River Playback Theatre shows where people are invited to tell their personal stories and see them enacted on the spot. Maya always sat in the front row, always spoke up, always with a huge Maya-smile on her…

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Honoring your voice

July 2006. Dear Maya, Elated! Completely thrilled!  High!  These are some words to express your experience while you were in the Shapers Hair Salon getting your hair cut for the first time.  You were looking forward to the moment for a long time.  You initiated the idea of having a haircut.  What has been driving…

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Step it up

April 2007. Dear Maya, Get ready for another inspirational journal entry! Some months ago, you told me that when you grow up, you’d like to be a librarian and a writer. You specifically said that you would like to write for newspapers.  At that time, I told you that you could start writing for newspapers…

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