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September 27, 2012

Dear Maya,


It is likely fitting for me to start this journal with you as you just started your twelfth year.  Actually, it started a few years back when you asked me for a surprise party.  I mentioned then, that it is something one cannot necessarily request, as the party would no longer be a surprise.  But I tucked the request away and “dusted it off” for this year.  I called the parents of seven girls and asked the parents to keep it a secret.  The girls were to meet us at the Park and Ride.  I would then meet them there with a bundle of balloons.  You and dad would come at 11:00, where you’d be surprised.  From there, we would venture up to Zume Flume Water Park in the Catskills.


All of the planning was going well until you proclaimed sometime in mid-August, “I want to have a birthday party!”  Gulp, well, “sure, okay, what kind of party?”  You planned a sleep over, asking a few of your friends.  Robby, (Becca’s mom) thought it was a decoy and was confused.  But, inhale, we (I) decided to move forward with a double party.  The first half remained a surprise, this rolled into the sleepover.  I called the parents of the first half of the party, and extended the party to the sleepover part too.  It was a bit complicated, but it ultimately was a huge success.  You were extremely surprised.  You were in disbelief; it was like an outer body, surreal experience.  Driving into the Park and Ride, as you got closer and closer, your grin grew from ear to ear.  You were beaming.  During the entire ride from New Paltz to Zume Flume, your smile was plastered on.  The Zume Flume day was fabulous.



You and your pack of friends went on every ride; some a couple of times.  We came home, had make-your-own fresh pizza.  Vegan birthday cake, campfire, presents and “sleep.”  I made the mistake of telling everyone, “no talking after midnight.”  Everyone respected my “no talking request.”  What I should have said was, “no interacting,” as I learned that you were all up until 2:30 a.m. texting!  In the end Maya, you welcomed in AGE TWELVE with a great celebration!


Other news includes your decision to become vegan.  I think that this is something you’ve considered in the past.  I respect your choice and I am working with you to ensure that you are getting all of the nutrition you need!  Protein, iron and fat are some of the major concerns.

When Yom Kippur came, you decided to fast.  When you put your mind to it, there is no stopping you.  Again, I respect your choices.


Some sadness is filling our life.  Just today, you learned of the passing of three of Jeff’s and your chickens.  And Merlin [our cat] is terminally ill.  It is a very tender time for us all.  We are doing our best to help Merlin during this time.  We are doing what we can to ensure his comfort.  You are very sensitive and have been touched by the sadness of the loss and anticipated loss.


And I move from the emptiness to more fulfilling areas.  You are finding a wonderful form of expression through athletics.  You are now on the modified soccer team and your started karate.   Both are feeding you; so much has been happening!


All photos from September and October of 2012.

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