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April 2007.

Dear Maya,

Get ready for another inspirational journal entry!

Some months ago, you told me that when you grow up, you’d like to be a librarian and a writer. You specifically said that you would like to write for newspapers.  At that time, I told you that you could start writing for newspapers now.  Many people do, including me.  You could send a letter to the editor.  You were curious about the idea, but weren’t sure as you felt that you didn’t have anything to write about.

IMG_0637a   IMG_0533

Then, a couple of weeks ago, you, Adin and I attended a rally in town. It was the first, “Step It Up” rally, bringing awareness of the global warming issue to the public.  After we left the rally, a light bulb went off!  You realized that you now have something to write about!

With your own pencil and paper, you put words down by yourself. Daddy typed it up.  I proofed it and only suggested that you add one line about contact information.  Otherwise, it entirely came from you.

Well Thursday rolled around. You hadn’t even seen the paper yet, and you were already getting phone calls.  I cannot even begin to tell you of your joy when you saw your own article in print!  You really glowed!  You “felt famous.”  And the mother that I am, I can’t help but contain my joy and pride in you!  Of course, copies had to go out to the grandparents and others.

“Maya Gold, 6 ½ years old, New Paltz.” You are really something special!

  • A little activist
  • Smart
  • Creative
  • Ambitious

I love all of these parts of you and so much more!

Your proud mama!

scan0002       scan0001 


  • That article Maya wrote is INCREDIBLE. I didn’t know about the article. I am very impressed. Only 6 1/2?! You were so present in positive influence and support. Thanks for sharing another aspect of Maya.

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