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Three worlds


April 13, 2013

Dear Sweet Maya,


I spent part of the day with you as I drove you, Carmen and Ruby up to Hannah’s bat mitzvah.  I had a chance to see you around other peers.  All I can say is, “oy!”  It is such an awkward stage of life.  Some girls are fully developed; their voices have changed as have their bodies.  Though your legs are growing, your chest is too, but the shift is not as significant as with others.  The mixture of friends in this teen and preteen grouping is definitely an odd mix.


To me, it seems as if you are in between three worlds:

  • Still the little girl, who loves to be fun and silly. This girl was actually angry at me today.  For some reason, you gave me the blame as you said you had planned on going to the Grossman’s daffodil party today.  This girl tickles and has all sorts of jokes with dad (like “this finger” and “seriously”).  She sleeps with Andrew [a stuffed monkey].


  • Almost teen. This one has mood shifts and will have a bit of an attitude at times.  For what seems to be no reason, you will be abrupt and give me one word answers.  Another trait here is that you are guarded.


  • Last stage is the one of your old soul. More to say, but not enough time.  I will have to pick this conversation up another time.


All photos taken in April, 2013; a busy month!  Flying at Trapeze School, NY on a rooftop overlooking the Hudson, with friends outside the Woodstock Jewish Congregation, being goofy with Mathew on the day he defended his dissertation, spending time with Leslie, a dear friend since the moment Maya was born and on the NYS Assembly Floor, with Representative Aileen Gunther on the day that Maya spoke out to many senators and assembly reps about her view on testing.


  • Elise, I would like to read the story of Maya’s speaking on the NYS Assembly Floor. I don’t believe you’ve shared that one yet. Sounds pretty amazing!

    Love you.

    • Thank you for your interest, Yael,
      It was of course impossible for me to write each and every story! I made a commitment to write one entry a month. (I still do.) And I have a set of “Adin Journals,” too. Having said that, I didn’t ever write about Maya’s Albany trip, going from door to door, speaking to the different senators, assembly reps and some aides. But if you want to get a glimpse, go to the Facebook Page, “Remembering Maya Gold”. Mathew put a video up there when she offered a presentation on the matter to an audience at SUNY New Paltz. I surely was/ am a proud mom.

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