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Journal entry from September 2000.

Welcome to the World, Sweet Maya Gold!

I’m so happy that you’ve come to join us. I have nothing but love for you.  You were born into a family of love.  You have already given Adin an opportunity to be a proud big brother.  He is so gentle with you. And your little being has found its way into Mathew’s tender heart in a big way.  We all rejoice.  Sasha, by the way, who has not yet met you, is thrilled to have a sister.

There are a few signs that are worth mentioning connected to your conception, my laboring and your delivery. Your dad and I “tried” to conceive for four months.  The fifth month, our attitude changed and we didn’t “try” in the same way.  This was December 1999.  Driving home from work one day, I saw a shooting star over the mountains.  I knew it was your way to say you found your way into my body.

The morning of your birth, there was a magical mist on the mountain. As people came to our house who were to attend the birth, they all commented on what a special day it was.

During my labor, Adin and Julia (the midwife) were in the kitchen. It was there that they spotted a hummingbird outside the kitchen window.  I’ve lived in our house for six years and have never once seen a hummingbird there.  This hummingbird too, knew what a sacred day it was.

And the day after you came, Mathew and Adin saw a huge snapping turtle on the road by our pond. The turtle actually took a snap at Mathew’s heel.  We’re not sure if this has any sort of message attached, but I guess in time we’ll figure that one out!

During the last nine months, I was wondering who you are. Now that you’re out, I’m still wondering who you are.  I cherish this journey of life…learning about you, helping to guide and support you and sharing wisdom, strength, softness and love.





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