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September 2, 2011

My dear one,

I must share with you a few notes from our amazing journey to Europe:

The time zone transition was extremely challenging for you.  You actually never fully got into the rhythm of the Europe zone…and were always tired.  On top of that, I pushed you and the entire family to be on the go constantly.

You wanted to do everything fully.  You were often the motivator to climb all the stairs to get to the highest of heights including the Basilica at St. Peter’s, Vatican, Eiffel Tower, Tower in San Giamangiano, Tuscany and more.

Other things you needed to do with a vengeance include:

  • marbling paper
  • ride a Segway
  • ride a horse
  • ride a gondola (we did not do this, it was too expensive)
  • have portraits/ caricatures of you
  • be the first in our family to see the Mona Lisa
  • throw a coin at Trevi Fountain
  • be the first one in our hotels, apartments, lodging

Maya, this was a trip of exploring new horizons.  At Tenuta San Carlo, you made friends with many animals.  You even named them.  You had a very hard time leaving them.  You were sad and angry that we left.  I think we may have made up for it when we went to Cinque Terra.  This was a most beautiful place.  You loved discovering new spots where the water crashed against the cliffs.  You naturally loved climbing the rocks.

Dad and I gave each you and Adin $100.00 for personal spending.  You spent most of it on souvenirs for others, being sure to buy just the right item for each gift recipient.  This was so very kind of you.

Speaking of gifts, Maya, you really appreciated your birthday gifts.  You were overjoyed about your first, new cell phone.  The unicycle put you over the edge of being overjoyed.  You love your gift cards and cash.  We went shopping last night to pick up “boy clothes.”  We actually bought gender-neutral girls clothes that fit you, but had boy’s styles.  You were delighted.

The one gift that we did not agree to give you on your wish list was a super short haircut.  You got a short trim, but for some reason, you wanted your head shaved.

Given the storm, the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and not having power for now Day 6, we cancelled your birthday party.  We rescheduled it to next week.  Though it has not been your best birthday ever, I think you are doing all right!

I could not help myself with the photos…it was hard to select just a few, as the trip had so many incredible memories.  What a gift!  All from August 2011, Italy and France.  




  • Love these memories. Thank you so much, Elise! It was so great to see you today at Pride and feel your love and support. I thought of Maya and imagined her with us, smiling her beautiful smile.

    • Thank you, Sarah. It was great to see you at Pride, too. I remember joining in for years with Maya smiling. And then, she’d go with her friends. I imagined her with us today, smiling.

  • Elise, We can never get too
    many pictures, or stories. They are so very precious to me.
    XO Jody XO

  • Precious moments in time, that you captured so beautifully, Elise. It didn’t escape notice that you both gave Maya so much, in the way of exploring other places, and cultures. She saw, and experienced more in her years here, than most will experience in a lifetime. You have much to be contented with, for that❣️
    Still with you dearest Elise. Blessings… many, many Blessings🙏🏼

  • This is a beautiful post, Elise. I’m glad you have, and included, all the photos. Maya was such a lucky girl, to be able to visit these places with a loving family! What a rich life she had, and what an amazing mom you are.

    And I know this doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you’re feeling inside. You’re surrounded by love.

  • dearest Elise,
    the account of your trip to Europe reminded me of all the photos I have of Maya from then, and how happy she was, and talking it over with her excitedly.
    the trips you took Adin and Maya on were such an adventure. She had such passion for … everything.
    thank you for reminding me of that happy time.

  • What a wonderful childhood you and Mathew have given Maya and Adin! It makes me smile just to think of it.

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