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Another sort of gift

When I started writing, I chose to call this blog, “Maya’s Gifts.”  Here is a little excerpt from the “About” page:

Maya’s life was a gift.  I believe the saying that there is no loss greater than that of a child.  I am living with this loss, deeply.  It is one that I never wish on anyone.  And as the days and weeks go on, I continue to uncover gifts that I’m learning from Maya; even after her passing.

It has been just over two years.  Kind people of Consumer Reports approached us.  My first response was, “why us?”  With the weather turning, they were in the process of doing an issue on Cold and Flu Season.  They were interested in including a personal story addressing the negative effects of DXM medications and were led to Mathew and me.  My response most often is, “yes!”  So, of course we would participate.

The process of sharing our story was challenging.  It occurred over several weeks; an initial interview, a follow up interview, follow up email and then a fact checking session.  The article is full of information that I did not know.  I imagine most of it is new to you, too.  Please read the article as it is a part of Maya’s story.  Please share it with others, as it may be another sort of gift.


Photo of Maya was from our first trip to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in 2012.  She was 11.

Heartfelt appreciation to Suzanne Levingston and Joel Keehn of Consumer Reports for their sensitivity.


  • Elise,
    Thank you for sharing the article in Consumer Reports. Very helpful, and glad you are helping to get the word out. What ifs are so difficult. Maya was, and is, such a gift to our world. She has touched so many, in so many ways. Love, Cindy

  • I had been thinking all week about the incredibly apt name you gave to this blog, as Maya’s being in so many ways keeps on giving to us, even in the continued wake of our loss. Thank you, and Mathew, for your generosity in sharing with Consumer Reports so that others might be helped. I have just shared this on Facebook to spread the word.

    Much, much love always,

    • Bonnie,
      Thank you. Sometimes finding a fitting name can be challenging. This was one time that it came easily. I’m glad that it resonates with you.
      Here’s to hoping that others may be helped. Thank you for sharing!

  • dearest Elise,
    I’m so glad that CR published this report, with your interview.

    And in your earlier message, Bonnie’s words were so moving… reminding me of that precious day of Maya’s bat mitzvah.
    Though Maya and I spent a lot of time together when she was little, I wish, as she grew older, we could have talked over philosophical questions as well. She had a questing mind and deep compassion.
    with love,

    • Dear Leslie,
      I wonder if you are referencing Maya’s D’Var, when thinking about her philosophical questions. Your connection with Maya was/ is quite profound. I am sure you both would have had deep and meaningful conversations!
      Sending love,

    • Dear Fran,
      Coming from you, I trust that the article will raise awareness. Though our paths are a little different, you surely know about the journey of raising awareness. I honor your voice.
      Hugs back, all the way to your new home!

  • Dear Elise,
    My gratitude to you and Mathew for sharing your family’s story so effectively with CR. And I am honored to be quoted in the article. You both continue to show me how to live with honesty, grace and courage in the face of life’s cruelties.

    Rabbi Jonathan

    • Dear Rabbi Jonathan,
      Again and again, I hear how your words from Maya’s eulogy have deeply touched others. What powerful messages they continue to convey! I learned recently that a local high school teacher uses them in her class (I don’t have details, I will let you know when I hear). It makes sense that your quotes were shared in this article. My hope is that they continue to be shared.
      Thank you for your kind words to me and Mathew.
      With love,

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