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This Moment


March 2005.

I love this moment in time

Night time

Time for you to feel secure

You wait for me

Tonight it’s my turn to be with Maya

You finish off one last puzzle, and then into bed you go

We turn off the lights

You peek out the window to notice the moon and clouds

We lay down together

You pop out of bed for one last pee

I hear you call, “Mommy, can you wipe me?”

“Sure.” I pop out of the bed too

I love this moment when I can care for you

Back to the bed we go

At first you’re restless

Moving around, trying to get comfortable

I lay still, waiting for you to settle in

We talk a bit

Recount the day’s events

Discuss tomorrow’s happenings

I love to reflect and anticipate with you

It’s quiet time now

Your hand on my heart, my hand on your precious little foot

Your breathing slows

I feel your muscles relax

I know you are drifting away

I slowly start to detach. Slowly, slowly, slowly

You awaken, startled, despite my attempt to peel away ever so gently

“Mommy, can you please stay with me?”

“Sure honey.”

I kneel by your bed with my head close to yours

You drift back to sleep, feeling my breath

I gaze at your peaceful beauty

I cherish you dearly

Finally, I silently slither away

I love this moment in time.

IMG_0406  IMG_0331

from our trip to Tulum, Mexico February 2005


  • These journal entries are such treasures! You took the time, as life was swirling all around you, to capture all the particular and sensual aspects of parenting. How many of us wish we had done this, and just never got around to it? I am so glad you did, for you words are tender and lovely and so poignant. Thank you, Elise, for your wisdom and courage.

    • Never, never did I imagine that I’d be sharing these journal entries in this forum. I always knew though, with life being as precious as it is, all of our stories are treasures. Though we think we’ll remember so many pearls of parenting, they come and go. I am with you. I’m glad that I wrote. I’m also glad that you’re appreciating them. Thank you for your ongoing encouragement.

  • Thank you Elise,
    As I read this entry I was wonderfully reminded of nights snuggling with my mom and then with my own little girl. Such precious moments. Your sharing is truly a gift to our community.
    Sending love,

    • I love the image of you snuggling with your mom. Just thinking now, of all of the generations of daughters snuggling with their moms, who had snuggled with their moms. Thank you.

  • I shared my mom’s bed when I was a little girl, and also shared my bed with my daughter. At the time, the parental bed was the talk of those who agreed and also disapproved of it. Well, we loved it! It was bliss for us both! Love, closeness, giggles, tears, cuddles, kisses, and security. It was home…. It was the heart. So glad we did it. Although I’ve never written about our bed times, those memories are enshrined in my heart forever, as I see, are yours, dear Elise.

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