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February 28, 2014.

Dear Maya,

On about February 13, you asked me, “what if a boy asked me out?” You were wondering about whether or not you’d have my permission to go out.  I of course said, “Yes.”  You thought that you’d be asked out for Valentine’s Day.  As it turns out, Valentine’s Day was a “snow day”.  There was no school.  The potential “ask out” came and went.  I mentioned this yesterday and you thought the “ask out’ might occur today.  You again asked for my permission.  I said, “Yes, because you know karate.”  This gave us both a chuckle.  We talked about being safe and asserting yourself.  I also wanted to be sure that I knew where you were.

At about 3:30, I received a text from you, “at Manny’s with the guy.” Woo hoo!  You walked around town with Matt and since then, you’ve been quite happy.  During your time together, he asked you if you wanted to be his girlfriend.  Your answer was, “Yes.”  Okay Maya!  Welcome to a new chapter of Maya’s life journal.  Congratulations and mazel tov.  I’m so happy for you.

Much love,


DSC_4606 crop

Maya and Matt after the Moving Up Ceremony (Middle School Graduation, June 2014)


  • I’m so happy to know Maya had a boyfriend, someone who became, in time, a true friend.
    And I am sad that I didn’t see more of her in the past two years. But she knew how much I loved her and we had so many precious visits together when she was smaller.
    Our last hike was in honor of her 13th birthday, when we went to the End of the World pool. Maya was quiet and contemplative, and I could see she had moved into a more independent realm, which I remembered vividly from my own life.

  • sweet, sweet story. Thank you for this beautiful gem. The photos are lovely. I look forward to each Maya’s gift. Wish the responses in my heart weren’t so difficult to express.

    • I’m glad to hear from you Amy. I understand the difficulty in expressing feelings at this time. It’s overwhelming.

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