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I wish I was the one


January 1, 2007

Happy New Year, sweet one!

We’re back from Quebec. You and Macabee are inseparable!  Yesterday, the only time you were without him was when I told you that he could not come up to the attic with us, as he might get fiberglass on him.  You and I were doing some sorting of seasonal clothes.


At one point, you were up and I was on the ladder (the second rung from the bottom). I slipped and banged my arm on Adin’s doorway REALLY hard.  It hurt so much.  I let out a big, “OW!”, and then continued to moan.  You immediately responded, “Should I get some ice?”  “No thanks, I just need to moan for a while”… (which I did).


You weren’t quite sure how to comfort me. Then you came up with a pearl.  “Mommy, I wish I was the one that got hurt.”  I was touched and appreciated you for this; how selfless and kind.  Then you added, “Because grown-ups are better at taking care of kids.”  What a compassionate sweetie you are!


mommy 10001


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