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Where was I?


May 2004

After watching our wedding video on the night of our anniversary, you REALLY wanted to know where you were. You saw everyone else there that you knew but no Maya.


Maya:   Where was I?

Elise:    You weren’t born yet.

Maya:   Was I dead?

Elise:    No, you didn’t come out of me yet.  We didn’t make you.


Maya:     Was I in your vagina?

Elise:      No, you weren’t even in my belly yet.

Maya:     Where was I then?

Mathew: You were an idea.

Elise:      Yes, you were in our minds and in our hearts.

Maya:     (pointing to the heart area) Was I in your throat?

Elise:      No, just inside our hearts.

Maya, you’re out of me now and you will always be inside my heart.


Mommy 20001

photos from our trip to New Orleans

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