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Lavender oil and more


July 2009

Dear Maya,

On our way taking you to Rowe, we passed a motel that we pointed out to you. Daddy and I would be staying there for a night or so while you were at camp.  You offered each of us a few pointers…each in secret.


You told dad:

  • make sure you get a room with a REALLY big bed
  • make sure the room is small and mostly has just the bed in it, so there’s not much else to do
  • massage her
  • she likes lavender; use lavender oil or lotion


The tip you gave me was:

  • do whatever he wants you to do!

I’m not sure where you got this, Maya! And I don’t know if I’ve told you, you are always interested in romance.  You are intrigued by the affection between daddy and me.  If we ever hug each other, or show even some minor physical displays, you’ll be the first to shut out the lights and run out the door.  You tell Adin too, to stay out.  You are extremely sweet in this Cupid kind of way.

mommy 30002


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