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Will they ever


March 13, 2012

Dear, dear Maya,

As I write on page after page, month after month, journal after journal, I often wonder, “what will become of these pages?”  “Will they ever be read?”  “Will I give them to Maya?”, if so, “When?”


Well, you have taken to reading; page after page, journal after journal.  In fact, you are fast and furiously catching up!  What are your thoughts? How do you feel now?  How did you feel?  Were these reminders?  Were some of the experiences new, as if you heard them for the first time?  Or was it familiar?  Did I offer a different lens to experiences that you had only felt and experienced through your eyes?  The next pages, Maya are for you to reflect.  After all, it is the “Maya journal”!


love mom0001


Photos from a trip I took to Barbados with Maya, February 2012 and one with a baby chick in March 2012

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  • How adored, special and cared about Maya had to feel. To have you Elise, make such a loving commitment to her, journaling with pride and affection so much of her life and your feelings about it. What a gift you gave her.

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