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Cultural equity for all


Last night I had a dream about the need to count buttons of three different colors that were sewn on a multi-colored shirt. In the dream, I had a hard time spotting some of the buttons. I have no idea of the significance of this dream, but when I awoke, I thought of this story from over seven years ago.

May 2008

Dear Maya,

Another quick story…a story in a story.  The other night when I was putting you to bed, rather than reading, I made up a story from my head. I told you a story about buttons that were hanging out in my closet [in my button box] that wanted to have an adventure.


They found a way to get out.  They rolled around, played and chased each other.  Highly sensitive, multicultural, all-inclusive Maya in her compassionate voices says, “Mommy, what about the buttons that were square?”


All photos are from May 2008, the last one is with Gabriel on the Jersey Shore


  • Where did this girl come from?
    I can’t imagine not having wee ones to be with often.
    Your story reminds me to stand aside during my nature talks and give each child ample time and space to present her or his view.
    Are adults the square ones?

  • Dearest Elise, Here is the way I would interpret both your dream and your story, if it were mine.

    Your dream…….The closet (hidden) and button box filled with all types of buttons (soul/spirit/soul qualities). Your need to count the 3 colors (the search for answers to 3 questions), multi colored shirt (Maya’s soul qualities). Hard time spotting the buttons (aspects of Maya that you couldn’t see, weren’t privy to). Not being able to grasp the answers you were needing to sort through. The process is still unfolding (not yet known).

    The story about the round buttons……….
    Again hidden in the closet, all these buttons (souls/spirit) wanting to have an adventure (life), and having it (Birth). Rolling, playing, chasing (Maya’s life). But what about the Square buttons? (self acknowledged aspects of Maya that didn’t fit/conform). She was in touch even then, she wondered about herself being a square in a sea of round buttons. But her question took it to more than just herself (buttons). Just like the round buttons, the square button found a way to get out of the button box) played and kept going… So, her question for you remains… “Mommy, what about the buttons that were square?”

    Elise, it appears to me that this is one of the 3 questions that drives your foundation to find answers to. Maya was the square button. Celebrate her colorful/opaque, unique, compassionate and caring life, while establishing how and what can be done for the “square buttons” in our communities.
    I am with you, on this Valentine’s Day of LOVE.
    Peace filled Blessings, Mercedes

  • Beautiful mama you are, Elise. Sweet little buttons, all these moments and memories you capture – each its own color and shape. The fabric of a life, precious and fleeting, woven of all these moments.

    so much love,

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