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I’m there!


June 17, 2009

Dear Maya,

Thankfully, the antibiotics have kicked in.  It seems as if you’re over the hump and can see the light now.  But it was rough getting there!  You got worse before you got better.  Much fatigue.  One night while practicing piano, I witnessed you jump from a pain in your head.  That same night, you told me of purple swirly spots you were seeing.  That was it!  The next day we went to the doctor.  She actually said that this happens and that we should continue with the full course of antibiotics and then see.  Sure enough, she was right.


I had asked you, Maya, if there was anything I could do to to help you.  You responded by saying, “just continue to be you.”  You paused for a moment then added, “and be by my side.”  Oh my darling, you know how to get me all choked up!  And you’ve got it, babe!

I'm there0001

June 28

P.S. Yay!!!  You are better.  Still a little bit more fatigued than normal, but MAYA IS BACK!!!  Ready for a fun filled summer ahead.


Maya at a piano recital, on Father’s Day and with her friend, Indigo.  All June 2009


  • Your relationship is absolutely precious! I am so grateful that I am privy to your journal entries. You write so beautifully. It is inspiring me to write. I do not have direct letters to my son like this. Were these originally letters sent to Maya or just an account of the day or event?
    Thank you for sharing these.
    Love, Gita

    • I wrote in what I call my “Maya Journals” at least once a month. I actually have been continuing to do so. I have done and continue to do the same for my son. I always knew that I’d give these journals to them at some point. When, I did not know. They’ve been stored on a shelf and open for Maya or Adin to read when they cared to. Every now and then, Maya would take them down and read them. And there were many moments throughout her lifetime, that something would occur and Maya would just give me a look and say, “I know…this one is going in the Maya Journal, right?”
      And Gita, I hope you write!

  • Thankfully, for all of us, Elise, you do “just continue to be you.” I’ll see you on Sunday, for what is sure to be an unforgettable afternoon.

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