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Milk, it is

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February 27, 2001

Dear One,

As the saying goes, “people plan, God and babies laugh”.  Around two weeks ago we (Daddy) had the idea to try to feed you.  Adin picked out a special organic sweet potato.  It was baked and mashed.  Adin fed you your first couple of bites.  You had no interest.  We tried again and again a few times.  No interest.  Daddy tried applesauce.  Still no interest.  It’s just breast milk for you, young lady.  Actually, I’m quite delighted.  You know what you want and need and I’m happy to serve you.  The stress of having enough to meet your needs has not been an issue.  You drink less during the day when I’m not around.  You make up for it through the night and I’m fine with that.  I love you so deeply; I am happy to connect with you in this way.

You are quite vocal.  You have your sweet sounds and your growling sounds.  You’ve been getting quite adept at reaching for things and handling them.  You shake rattles and beat things rhythmically on surfaces like a drum.  You began sitting around Valentine’s Day.  You have rolled over, just a couple of times.  I’m glad about this because I know that when I put you down, you’ll basically stay put.

You made a new friend this month.  Tuli was adopted by my friend Ellen.  She was born in Viet Nam, a beautiful country far away.  We welcome her into our community.

maya and tuli babies0001

Adin has been adoring you.  He can’t keep his hands off of you.  He loves to hold and hug you.  He even carries you, if he can get away with it.  Every now and then, if he’s angry with me, he’ll go over and step on your hand.  He doesn’t really hurt you.  It’s just his way…  You are so amused by him.  You just watch him and glow.

And yes, you are a glower.  I sincerely hope this glow shines through your whole life long.

love elise0001


  • It did! (the glow . . . shine . . . all her life long . . . )

    What a precious, beautiful baby. I loved reading about Adin’s feelings for her. And your nursing relationship is completely palpable. Oh, these precious memories . . . no matter what happens to our children when they grow up, we lose them as babies. And even as they slip through our fingers, we never let go. The physical umbilical cord may be cut, but the emotional one . . . never.

    Thank goodness love also comes in so many other flavors.

  • Maya glowed indeed, Tuli lit up when she was around the Maya glow….as did we all. It’s so hard to believe that we will only see that glowing smile in our memories and dreams. Maya is so deeply missed.
    But thank you Elise, for helping to keep her alive through your beautiful writings, memories…. love glows forever.

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