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April 28, 2008

One Sunday a month, you’ve been enjoying “Weaving Friendships”, a workshop for girls.  You spend time weaving and also time with other crafts and outside in nature.  Amy, the leader, shared many glowing impressions of you.  One little story I have to share.


The last time when going outside, you ran ahead of the other girls.  You went down to the stream to find some daffodils in bloom.  In your joy, you picked a few.  You exclaimed your excitement to Amy and the rest.


Amy asked you to please not pick anymore; they would then be left so that others can witness their beauty.  At that, one by one, you sent the daffodils down the stream to greet and shower the girls with their wonder.  Amy told me of this precious moment and image.  She wished she had a camera.  She then shared with the group to be sure to keep this exquisite image in their minds.



All photos taken April 2008, the last one was with our dear friend, Leslie at Bonticou Crag


  • dearest Elise,
    I have memories of Maya in my yard in daffodil season, and of course the wonderful hike on Bontecou.
    Nadya has shown me how to organize my photos in iPhoto, and there are so many of Maya.
    When I go to my stream, I will have the image of Maya sending the daffodils downstream… she and Adin loved to play in the water there.
    thinking of you, back from California soon… love, Leslie

  • I have been missing connecting with you in this sacred special place I hold for you and Maya. You are continually in my thoughts and I am so grateful to get to know Maya through the shared verbal journeys you so graciously gift us with. Warm hugs sweet friend

    • Dear Lani, You are connecting with me. I am honored that you and others continue to be with me on this journey, even if it is through reading the words that I share here and keeping us in your thoughts. Thank you and sending love.

  • What a magnificent image. Maya so excited about the beauty of the flower and then, sending them off to share with her friends. Thoughtful, creative, joyful, giving….. unusual little girl

  • Maya was a true empath. Thank you for bringing this moment back to me, Elise! The moment itself, the image that she created that day, the way she transformed that moment, was such a once in a lifetime experience for me in my work with kids and such an incredible teaching that I have a hard time putting any words to it. What beauty & tenderness.

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