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I’m only six, you know

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September 29, 2006

Maya: Mommy, Adin just kicked me in the stomach.

Adin: Yes, but she just hit me in the buttocks.

Maya: Adin, your butt does not talk!

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October 24, 2006

Jo told me about this.  She came by yesterday afternoon to remove a tic since Bridget, our babysitter was here.  During that time, Jayson came home injured.  Jo inquired, “do you know where Jayson’s vet is?”  You responded, “I think I’ve been there, but I couldn’t tell you how to get there…I’m only six, you know.”


Jayson had been left at the vet’s overnight.  In our car ride home from the vet’s, having picked Jayson up, he was crying.

Jayson: wining, crying

Maya: shhhh, shhhh

Mom: Maya, it’s okay that Jayson’s crying.  It’s important to cry sometimes, you know that.

Maya: Yea, you’re right.  (Then whispers to Jayson.)

Mom: What are you saying?

Maya: It’s okay Jayson, take a deep breath.  Just breathe.


Another time this month…background information- we are all still learning about offering apologies.  Over time, when Adin has apologized to you, you often scowl at him, “you don’t mean it”, or “don’t talk to me.”  This has made dynamics challenging at best.  Adin has been trying to right his wrongs and you knock him down.  We’ve been working with you on changing this pattern.

Recently, you both hurt each other.  Adin apologized to you.  You came running in to me and daddy asking for guidance.  You wanted to do it differently.  We said you could say whatever feels right to you, including:

“Thank you for saying I’m sorry”

“I heard you”

“I accept your apology”

You went back to Adin and said, “Adin, I expect your apology.”  Adin, Daddy and I laughed.  Later, you apologized to Adin.  He said to you, “Maya, I expect your apology, too!”  We all laughed.


September and October 2006, Duck Pond, Jenkins and Leuken Orchard, Sara Sheppard’s first grade class, Marina’s bat mitzvah celebration


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