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A handful?



July 21, 2003 (Aunt Steffie’s birthday)

Dear Maya,

It’s been a month full of laughs.  We went camping on Cape Cod.  So many new concepts for you to assimilate in this developmental stage.  Before, we had planned on “the trip” and “the vacation,” words that you didn’t fully comprehend.  And then there was “camping” on “Cape Cod” which also were hard to grasp.  But ultimately, when we were there, it all came together for you.  You had a blast.  You loved the freedom.  And being with family 24/7 was amazing!


I had such fun witnessing you play in the sand.  You’d be so content with a plastic water bottle and pebbles.  One by one, putting them in the opening of the bottle.  Some fit, some did not.  That’s what life was all about for you.  So in the moment!  I certainly can learn a lesson or two from you in this domain!


At the campground, at one time you were playing in daddy’s car.  The window was down and you had attempted to climb out.  When you realized you couldn’t on your own, you called out to us, “can somebody please give me a handful?”  Daddy and I were in stitches laughing.  You used the idiom practically so appropriately.  What a little sweetheart.


We are now back home with a boy, Rashid.  He is a child from Brooklyn and came to us through the Fresh Air Fund.  He is very caring towards you.  We’ve been doing many fun things exposing him to the culture of the country.  Yesterday we went to Skytop via the Lemon Squeeze.  It is incredible what a climber you are.  Your strength, balance, agility and poise are remarkable.  You’ve got amazing stamina and energy.  These are some of your gifts.  I don’t know if they’ll be with you always, but for now, it’s daunting!  Less than 3, and you were up the Lemon Squeeze (including the rock scramble to get there) with hardly any help.  I’m glad to be able to provide such opportunities for you.


We signed you up for Ballet Class, come September.  This may be one outlet for you and maybe not (I haven’t personally bought into this idea, but we’ll see).


You are strikingly beautiful, Maya.  Everyone shares this with me (strangers and friends, alike).  I wonder how your beauty will shape how and who you are.  Time will tell.


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  • Another amazing entry. How wonderful all these beautiful photos are of her and your family. As always, my heart is with you.

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