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July 30, 2010

Dearest Maya,

We shared a very wondrous moment.  You and I were floating on tubes across the road on the lake.  Dragonflies were everywhere.

Upon closer examination, we saw that they were stuck together.  Yes, they were mating.  When we slowed down our process even more, we witnessed little pieces of seaweed, or lakeweed floating on the lake.  Pairs of dragonflies found themselves to these floating lakeweeds.  Anyone of these lakeweeds could have six to ten pairs perched on it mating.

We slowed down even more, being as still as we could be, aside from any drifts in the lake water.  There we were, silently floating, witnessing something so simple, sacred and magical.  It was a treasured moment, indeed.




A photo of a heron at the lake September 2015, and Maya doing her favorite trapeze trick, “birds-nest”, in July of 2010.

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  • did you know the heron is my guardian bird? yet another thing I never shared with Maya… so many moments.
    But the ones we did share are precious … like seeing her soaring on the trapeze

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