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King George


July 31, 2004

Dear Maya,

On the fourth of July, Adin asked Mathew about the holiday.  Mathew explained about independence.  He talked about the settlers and King George.  He read portions of the Declaration of Independence.  You were listening attentively, but I was certain that most of what Mathew shared went over your 3 ½ year old head.

Later that week, Adin asked Mathew about why he chose to leave his recent job.  Mathew started talking about his superintendent, and how unfairly he treated people that worked in the school district.  At that moment, you piped up, “sort of like King George!”

I am still shocked!  Not only did you listen, but you truly understood…so much so that you were able to recall and apply what you learned to another appropriate situation.  You amaze me.  I know that I’m not objective, but I think that was rather brilliant for a 3 ½ year old!



Photos include July 4th celebrations at the fairgrounds, and at our campsite at Head of the Meadow in Cape Cod (making one of our family books, and hanging with the Bartlett, Allibone’s)


  • Good and bad are so simple for little kids! Maya was very smart to grasp the essence of the matter at such a young age. Did she think of herself as smart in school? I remember her listening very attentively when I visited her classroom at Duzine. She was very quiet; I could see the wheels turning in that little curly-haired head.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. It’s so great when kids blurt out something delightful or funny. We all lose our little ones as they grow up . . . those chubby little comments are no more . . . but perhaps for you there’s a way to preserve those moments, like precious jewels. Your photos alone speak volumes; together with your writing, you have a warp and a weft . . . it’s as if you’re re-weaving, with images and words, the fabric of Maya’s life. A jeweled fabric, totally unique.

    The digressions of a bookmaker . . . forgive me. Thinking of you with love, and wishing you a peaceful Shabbat and holiday weekend. Always a pleasure to see you in dance class.


    • What beautiful writing and insight Yael of Elise’s beautiful writing and the gift of bringing Maya to life. You have given birth Elise to Maya twice. You are an amazing mom! I’m glad Elise you have beautiful friends that appreciate you and your gifts! Love you Elise, your friend Terri te Naomi Tessa Nadler Woodmansee

  • An advocate for justice at such a young age, what an inspiration!

    With a gentle rain kiss, Sarah

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