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“Nice going…”


February 22, 2008

Last time our family went to Ithaca, we all had a very good laugh.  We arrived at the hotel.  We checked in at the registration.  Adin decided not to get in the car as we pulled up to the parking spot closer to our room.


He ran pretty fast alongside and ahead of our car.  When we finally parked, you rolled down the window of the car and yelled out, “NICE GOING FAT BUTT!”


Just then another family close to our car in the parking lot, was unloading their car.  A man who was bent over getting luggage from inside the trunk of his car heard your remark.  He (we believe) thought you were talking to him.  It seemed like slow motion as he got his butt out from the trunk of the car, and looked directly at you.


I can’t tell you how embarrassed and shy you were.  We all REALLY had a good laugh…. when I say, “we”, I mean our family of course, as I don’t think that he was laughing too hard!

fat butt0001


All photos taken February 2008; some at Ashokan Field Campus, some from my birthday evening and the last one from Middlebury.


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