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Observation and glitter

October 6, 2005


Driving you home from school last week, we were talking about your friends.  I moved the conversation to me, and here is how it went:

E: Do you know that I have friends too?

M: Yes.

E: Can you tell me who my friends are?

M: Cindy.

E: Yes!  She is my friend!  Can you think of anyone else?

M: Jody.

E: Well Aunt Jody is very special but she is not just a friend…she is my sister.  Do you know how she is my sister?

M: No.

E: Her parents are the same as my parents.

M: You mean like you’re family?

E: YES!  Maya, you are amazing!

M: Mom, I made a good observation.

Now…THIS blew me away.  Observation!?!

You have really learned so much in kindergarten already!

Today, as we were walking out of a friend’s house, you noticed an empty water bottle on the grass.  You kicked it in disgust and said, “They glitter over here”.

Now I decided not to correct you…it was too adorable.  If you can use, “observation” appropriately, then I’ll embrace “glitter” for now.

Photos are from Halloween, 2005.  The first one is with beloved Charlie, one of Maya’s Preschool teacher.  May his memory be a blessing. 


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