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The guy

February 28, 2014. Dear Maya, On about February 13, you asked me, “what if a boy asked me out?” You were wondering about whether or not you’d have my permission to go out.  I of course said, “Yes.”  You thought that you’d be asked out for Valentine’s Day.  As it turns out, Valentine’s Day was…

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What color is the sun?

Journal October 2007 Dear Maya, It has been a time of deep and serious questions for you. Here are a few that you MUST know the answers to: How does electricity work? How do people grow? How do plants grow? How does the seed come out of the penis? (yes…this question has been revisited) What…

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Clean underwear warnings

July 2010. Dearest Maya, I write you from the Hudson Valley, while you’re at one of your favorite places, one that you anticipate going to all year long. Rowe Camp! It was at Rowe last year that your independence soared.  I’m wondering how your experience will be this time. I spoke with you after your…

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Toes for breakfast

February 2010. Dear Maya, I know that so often, I talk of you as a very mature person. You are ever so responsible and empathic; far beyond any nine year old that I have ever met.   I sometimes share that I wished you’d be more like a nine year old (so you could have more…

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